About The Bilingual Fun® Company

The Bilingual Fun Company creator Jennifer Manriquez, knows learning Spanish and early language exposure are  incredible assets. As a bilingual educator and parent, she has turned her love for teaching Spanish into a successful, reputable program.

The thriving local language education programs encourage children and parents to be active participants in language learning. And, their nationally recognized and award winning Bilingual Fun DVD series encourages and enforces early Spanish language learning through interactive video which makes learning easy and fun for children.

Bilingual Fun offers excellent tools for teaching children Spanish.  Through dynamic language classes, Bilingual Fun teaches Spanish to children through interactive lessons, music, movement, games, and hands on activities.  The natural learning environment created by Bilingual Fun, allows kids to have fun and be active learners!

Bilingual Fun is continually growing by offering programs that provide excellence in language education, and make learning Spanish an enjoyable experience for families. Interest in learning Spanish has grown rapidly. Because of this, Bilingual Fun offers licensing opportunities for its programs to meet the need for quality early language education across the country.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of children and adults through effective language learning exposure,  by using proven and successful teaching methods which enable the learner to have a positive and worthwhile  learning experience.

Our Vision

We will:

*Create awareness of the importance of early language instruction.

*Provide an understanding of our global society, and the multitude of benefits becoming bilingual offers.

*Help students view the world as much larger than the one we live in.

*Offer a learning environment which fosters a stimulating, and educational experience for all ages.


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