Teaching the Spanish Alphabet- El Alfabeto

el alfabeto


Just as it is important to learn the alphabet in your first language, teaching and learning the Spanish alphabet is very important for children’s bilingual development.   Consonant and vowel sounds are so important to learn when children are being exposed to Spanish.  Grammar, pronunciation, and fluency are taught and practiced through interactive lessons in our Bilingual Fun classes, but we also feel it is so important to incorporate alphabet activities to help kids connect letter sounds and fluency. Of course, the lessons need to be fun, upbeat, and interactive in order to capture the kids attention and make the learning worthwhile!   Some simple and fun ABC activities that we use to teach Spanish to kids are:

1.  Beach Ball letters:  simply write letters all over the beach ball.  Games can include simple letter recognition to a variety of spelling games.  The ball is tossed around in a circle, as the teacher calls out letters or words.  We also use the ball to play ” Papa Caliente”.

2. Loteria:  Letter Bingo is a great way to reinforce letter sounds, listening comprehension, and pronunciation as they must say the letters aloud as they look for them and if they win.

3. Letter Mats:  You can use pre-made letter cards, or simply make large letters cards and laminate.  Place mats all over the floor and do a variety of kinesthetic activities: freeze dance ( name the letter they are standing on), give actions and kids must jump, march, skip, clap, dance around the letters.  Play 4 Corners  ( this is a favorite!), change the letters in the corners so kids get a variety of letter reviews. Mix up mats and time the students as they put the letters in ABC order.  Place letter mats on floor in a mixed up order, and play “Matamoscas” using the fly swatters.

4.  Sing!:   You can sing a variety of Spanish alphabet songs and this is a great way to practice pronunciation and fluency.  Some of our favorites are:  ABC March by Barbara MacArthur,  El Alfabeto by Ms. Lily,  5 Vocales  by Jose Luis Orozco



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