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Learn Letter Sounds in Spanish with Canta las Letras & 123Andrés

Friday, June 7th, 2019



Canta las Letras is a fantastic new album by 123Andrés that incorporates the importance of learning letter sounds and reinforcing Spanish, with fun, upbeat songs and lyrics.  As a teacher and parent, I think this album is just amazing!  Whether children are learning Spanish as a second language, or reinforcing their first, the importance of mastering letters sounds is so relevant and beneficial to their language development.  The songs are arranged in alphabetical order, but kids and parents may personalize the experience and reinforce language learning by shuffling the songs to reflect their favorite sounds and letters.   The cheerful songs and easy to learn lyrics, are perfect for kids of all ages.  This album is an excellent musical tool, as it has songs for each letter of the alphabet, and the songs can be used as steppingstones for reading and listening development.   Canta las Letras is a perfect supplement for my young students who are learning the letter sounds and are also bilingual learners.  Coming soon: there will even be lyrics, translations and a  learning guide for the songs here.  As with his other resources, Canta las Letras is an engaging tool that allows students, teachers, and parents alike to have fun while learning and teaching!

Do you want to see 123Andrés live this summer?    They are performing dozens of concerts this summer, including many library shows.  Check it out the events page and catch a fantastic bilingual concert this summer!

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