Fun, simple activities to get kids speaking Spanish!




This Spring the Bilingual Fun kids have been focusing on the Spanish alphabet and learning various vocabulary pertaining to each letter.  This week with letra S, the kids completed many communicative activities using el sol.  This is a very simple activity, but provided lots of opportunities for the children to speak Spanish.

1.  Los rayos del sol were hidden throughout the room and kids had to quickly find all of them.  Getting up and moving is a necessity with our lessons!  Kids had to count the number of rayos they found and report back  ‘ yo tengo 15 rayos, yo tengo 10 rayos’. etc.

2.  The children were asked to decorate el sol depending on which color they had… los rayos amarillos, los rayos rojos, los rayos anaranjados.

3.  As a group, we counted the rayos and divided them by color.

4. Then we did a math problem using the large numbers.  This enabled the kids to practice both their Spanish vocabulary and math skills.

5.  Then we did various TPR action pertaining to el sol y hace sol.  What type of things can you do when it is sunny and hot?

TPR examples:   nadar en el aqua, comer el helado, usar la crema protectora, llevar los lentes del sol, jugar volibol, hacer un picnic, etc.

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