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As a bilingual language educator and mom, I am always on the search for quality teaching materials that will engage children’s imaginations and curiosity, while promoting language development.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to use Hagamos Caminos series by Alma Flor Ada.    I have been a fan of Ada for many years, and her book  Pio Peep, was my children’s all time favorite! It was read to them each and every night when they were babies and toddlers.  You can ask them today and they can easily recite all of the poems and rhymes in the book!  Now that my kids are school age, this reading series is excellent for them as they are developing and enhanching their bilingual literacy skills.

Hagamos Caminos is a creative reading initial literacy program.  I found this series to be  a simple but highly effective  reading program in Spanish.  The program combines a carefully crafted syllabic approach with enjoyable texts and illustrations.    Currently there are 4 books and 4 workbooks available.  They focus on a range of language and concept development, phonological awareness, consonant and vowel sounds, decoding words and comprehension.    The books with accompanying workbooks are fun and effective in helping children learn to read in Spanish while developing and enhancing fluency and comprehension. 

Both my of my own children are at very different reading levels, however both of them enjoyed and benefitted from the Hagamos Caminos series.  The different levels of this series are perfect for my 7 and 9 year olds and we will be using these books again and again for reading development and proficiency.   The beautiful illustrations and fun activities in the workbooks are engaging for young children, and I have introduced some of stories with my toddler classes with great success and interest.

 As always, I was thoroughly impressed with the works of Alma Flor Ada and I am so grateful to her inspiration and creation of effective, high quality language learning materials.  If you are looking for some initial reading materials to help your bilingual learner,  Hagamos Caminos is a fun, effective and worthwhile series. To learn more about all of her work, please visit

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  1. Alma Flor Ada says:

    What a joy to know that your children are enjoying Hagamos caminos. This series was constructed with a great deal of care and love. Ulises Wensell created marvelous characters and was willing to go along with my requests that the characters would look at each other, and interact with the same love and caring they have been conceived. He also was willing to multiply his efforts and agreed when illustrating a word in the workbooks to not limit the illustration to one version. For example to illustrate the word bear he created polar bears and brown bears, realistic bears and teddy bears, adult bears and baby bears. The intent is that children do not identify one word with one illustration but understand the breath of meanings in the word. This goes hand-in-hand with one of the basic tenets of bilingualism, to enrich the child’s capacity to see the richness behind concepts. Suni Paz turned not only rhymes and poems, but also the rhythmic texts of many pages into songs with very varied rhythms. I’ve been told over and over how easy children learn to read with Hagamos caminos – each time it renews my joy.
    I’m also very happy to know that your children enjoy Pio Peep, a book created, like many of my work in collaboration with Isabel Campoy.
    I have a few copies of Hagamos caminos available as free gifts for families who are committed to give their children the powerful gift of bilingualism. Just write to me at
    Of course Hagamos caminos, as well as all my other works, books and CDs, for children and adults, can be obtained by contacting Ray at
    All best wishes to everyone who reads this post and my thanks for this lovely post. I hsve enjoyed the words and especially the photo! Alma Flor

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  4. Candis says:

    Just found your blog and I love your resources and reviews! I will definitely be “pinning” and linking up to your site at our blog at!

  5. admin says:

    Gracias Candis!

  6. Antonia says:

    It is so wonderful to find authentic creative material to teach! Will be definitively using it and referring parents to your website.

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