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About Bilingual Fun DVDs:

“We had the pleasure of reviewing the two volumes of the Spanish for Children DVDs, and my 4-year-old daughter watched them both in succession and then asked to watch them again. Needless to say, for 4-year-old kids who love watching TV, these DVDs are winners!”

“Our daughter has really responded to learning Spanish at an early age. She is able to count, identify colors and sing songs in Spanish. She really enjoys the hands-on/interactive style that Bilingual Fun uses in their videos.”

“I love the Spanish for Children videos because it makes learning entertaining and fun for both my five-year-old and three-year-old. The songs featured in the video captured my children’s attention from their very first viewing and now I hear them singing the songs when the video isn’t even playing!”Spanish for Children

“When my children are coloring they will often use the Spanish word for the color rather than the English and both are able to count to ten in Spanish; we owe this to Spanish for Children. My husband and I feel this video has given our kids a much needed jump on acquiring a second language.”


“When asked her age, our 2 year old daughter now says she is ‘dos”. She loves to dance to the upbeat, catchy music on the Bilingual Fun videos. After just a few weeks of watching the video, she has learned her colors, numbers, and has the Spanish songs memorized!”

“Our son asks for this video again and again while we are in the car. He is now able to easily identify all of the vocabulary words. He especially loves the quiz at the end of Volume 2.”

“We have used these DVDs to supplement our preschool program and the children have responded very well.

They love the repetition, visuals, and catchy music. The little ones really love the ‘Chocolate’ Song and movement.”

About Bilingual Fun Classes:

“Your style is great… hands on, lots of singing. A perfect combination!”

“The singing and visual repetition makes learning fun and easy.”

“ The classes are super. My daughter and I both have learned so much through the songs, games, and hands on activities.”

“ My son is always trying to use his new vocabulary at home and trying to reproduce the activities you do in class. Excellent class!.”

“ A very fun, upbeat class. My son absolutely loves the music and the weekly follow up emails to the parents are very helpful!”

“Our kids love their Spanish class! The repetition and group activities help them learn best.”

“The thematic lessons are great and the movement keeps my kids engaged.”

“The class has been amazing! Your approach to teaching with repetition, music, and fun activities makes it simple, yet effective for my 4 year old.”

“The instructors are a great….very outgoing and professional and really teach to our children’s level and ability.”

“Very patient instruction.
Great songs and activities!”

“ We both enjoyed it and learned the most from the songs and homework reinforcements.”

“The instructors do a great job engaging the kids.”

“The class is enjoyable, educational, and useful.

The songs are great for reinforcing at home.”

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