Qué Cosas Dice Mi Abuela!


I love this book by Ana Galán distributed by Scholastic en español!  The whimsical illustrations go along perfectly with the descriptions and character expressions.  The dichos and descriptions are entirely in Spanish, yet children can use the illustrations as picture clues if they are uncertain of some word meanings.  Everyone’s Grandma or Abuela has their own sayings that they often repeat and this cute book has some fantastic sayings/ reminders for good manners  Although I do not have a Spanish speaking Abuela, I do have a fabulous Suegra who is full of dichos y refranes.  I enjoyed reading the sayings in this book because it also reminded me of the time I spent working in a Casa Hogar in Mexico.  The nuns were always telling the girls…. ” Bien vestidos, bien recibos”    or ‘ De mal o buen aspecto, todos merecen respeto”.   My favorite that we use in our home thanks to my children’s Abuelita is ‘ En boca cerrada no entran moscas”!    These familiar sayings are a great tool for teaching good manners and Spanish speaking children will get a kick out of hearing dichos that their grandparents have told them.  This is a great book for bilingual children and as a teaching tool for kids that are learning Spanish.


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