Kids Learn Spanish with Familiar Books


Using familiar books and stories is an easy way for kids to learn Spanish.  We love to share well known stories and books with our students, as they can easily make language connections with topics they know.  All of the Eric Carle books are fantastic, and Oso Café is favorite that we use for so many different activities to teach Spanish to children.


Here are a few ideas that work well in our classes and at home:


1.  Freeze Dance:   use the animals from the book, and place them all over the floor.  ( Great templates at  Play music and give kids various commands.  When the music stops, have the children look for a particular animal and they must stand by it. Example:  Busquen el caballo azul.  Repeat various times.  This is a great way for kids to make color and animal identification.

2. Bean Bag toss:  See picture.  I found this awesome floor mat at Five Below (  We use colored bean bags, and give kids commands to toss them on a particular animal.  Then we take turns having the kids give each other the commands.

3.  Yo Veo:   We reinforce the phrase from the book ” yo veo….”, then hand out visuals from the story.  The kids sit in a circle, and they go around the circle and say what  animal they see sitting next to them.  We exchange the visuals several times so that kids get a chance to use a variety of vocabulary.  Great production practice!

4.  Favorite Animal Drawing:   As a culminating activity, the kids choose one of the animals from the book and illustrate it.  They each take a turn showing their drawing and telling the class:  Mi animal favorito es el pato amarillo, etc.


These activities are simple and can be adapted for a variety of ages.  Children will learn Spanish while having fun with these simple, interactive lessons!



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