Bilingual Fun® Spanish Lesson Plans

Fun, easy to teach lessons for children learning Spanish!

Used in after school programs, homeschool groups, community classes, and at home!


  • Each lesson plan unit is filled with fun, simple, theme based learning activities.
  • Kids will learn Spanish through interactive games, movement, music, and more.
  • Easy to teach Spanish lessons with explanations and examples of activities.
  • Multi-sensory lessons focusing on comprehensible input, and interaction.
  • Easily adaptable for multi age classes with age appropriate lessons.
  • Lessons are suggested for ages 2- 10 years old.
  • Suggested for enrichment use with classes meeting weekly.
  • Colors, numbers, and greetings activities are included with each thematic unit.
  • Copy of suggested thematic songs included.


Thematic Spanish Lesson Plan Unit                                                $24.99/ each

Units are sold as pdf digital downloads

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