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Bilingual Fun® Spanish for Children


Bilingual Fun® Curriculum Partner Package Includes:

No residual royalty fees or annual renewal fees.

Business Manual

  • Includes step by step instructions on business entity start up, marketing tips, formation of classes, resources, classroom management, teaching strategies, and more.

Use of Registered Trademark.  Curriculum partner may form it’s own business entity and may choose the name of the program.  “Bilingual Fun® may or may not be used in the program name.

Thematic Curriculum:  includes 10 specific thematic curriculum sets, each with detailed lesson plans including explanation of hands on activities, games, lessons, song suggestions and resource tips.   All  lesson plans are delivered digitally in pdf format.

Successful, proven techniques and lessons that are easy to teach and children love! 

  • Each thematic set has 10 weekly lessons, each building on the previous week, with scaffolding structure, and review lessons for fun and effective classes.
  • Sessions may be easily modified to be longer or shorter.
  • The weekly lesson plans are structured for a 30 – 45 minute class, but easily modified for 1 hour classes.
  • The curriculum and activities are geared for children ages 2- 10 years old, with extension activities for each thematic topic to make it more challenging or age appropriate.
  • Curriculum package includes thematic lessons focusing on comprehensible input using communication, interaction, and movement.
  • Thematic topics include:  La Comida, El Cuerpo y La Ropa, La Comunidad y La Transportación, A Viajar!, La Familia y La Casa, El Alfabeto, Las Emociones y Los 5 Sentidos, Los Animales, Las Acciones y Los Deportes, y El Calendario y El Tiempo.
  • Multi-sensory lessons are scaffolded so that each week builds on the last.
  • Easily adaptable for multi age classes with age appropriate lessons.

Resources:  Curriculum partner will receive a copy of Bilingual Fun Spanish Sing Along CD, Spanish for Children DVD Volume 1 and 2,  Children’s Picture  Dictionary in Spanish, and a complimentary copy of suggested songs.

Teacher Newsletter:  Curriculum partner will receive monthly newsletters for 1 year with teaching tips, suggestions, ideas for lessons, practice suggestions, classroom management tips, family practice tips, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How quickly could I see a return on my investment? Very quickly!  Most likely you will earn a return on investment in the first session that you teach.  Market comparisons must be done in your community regarding tuition for enrichment classes, however you can easily earn a ROI very quickly.Example:  1 class of 8 children

    $125/ child      = $1000

  2. I do not have business experience, how can I learn about setting up a business entity?In the Business Manual that is included, we offer step by step direction on how to form a LLC in your state, what agencies to contact, and what forms to file.
  3. Do I need business liability insurance?We recommend that you do purchase business liability insurance.  There are many economical options and this ensures your safety and professionalism for holding classes at rental locations, or at your own home.
  4. Is the curriculum very structured, or do I have the flexibility to modify lessons to match my teaching style?This is the great thing about starting your own program; you have the right and flexibility to teach the lessons the way you want!  The curriculum and lesson plans are set up so that you can modify or teach them to fit your class needs, your teaching style, and the personality and ages of your students.
  5. Will I be able to contact Bilingual Fun if I have questions or need advice?Absolutely!   With the Curriculum Package, we offer Skype, email, and phone consultations as needed, but you are welcome to contact us anytime.  We value our partnerships with like minded educators and welcome any questions and offer support to ensure you are successful!


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