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Kids Learn Spanish with Pete the Pilot!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Hola Let's Learn Spanish

I had the pleasure of reading  ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish by Judy Martialay. As a bilingual educator, I am always on the lookout for quality resources that enhance children’s learning and development of Spanish.

This fun, interactive story is a great tool for elementary age children who are being exposed to the Spanish language. Throughout the story, kids will have a variety of language exposures through vocabulary, culture, and song.  What I like most about this book is that there is an audio version that can be downloaded so parents and children can follow along with the story.  You can hear the audio directly on the website, and it can also be downloaded as a MP3.

The cute story follows Pete the Pilot and the friends he meets as travels to Mexico.  Mrs. Martialay is a language educator with many years of experience teaching foreign language, and her background is evident in the way the book is structured.  It is full of meaningful activities, reinforcements, and interactive lessons to help kids make connections and absorb the language.

I look forward to using this book with my elementary Spanish students this summer for our Culture and Travel unit to Mexico!

 ¡HOLA! Let’s Learn Spanish  is now available in print; $19.99 and Kindle for $7.99 on Amazon

For more information, please visit


Would you like to win a FREE copy for your family or classroom? Take a peek at  and comment and tell me why you would like a copy.  A random winner will be chose by March 4.


Fun, simple activities to get kids speaking Spanish!

Thursday, May 21st, 2015




This Spring the Bilingual Fun kids have been focusing on the Spanish alphabet and learning various vocabulary pertaining to each letter.  This week with letra S, the kids completed many communicative activities using el sol.  This is a very simple activity, but provided lots of opportunities for the children to speak Spanish.

1.  Los rayos del sol were hidden throughout the room and kids had to quickly find all of them.  Getting up and moving is a necessity with our lessons!  Kids had to count the number of rayos they found and report back  ‘ yo tengo 15 rayos, yo tengo 10 rayos’. etc.

2.  The children were asked to decorate el sol depending on which color they had… los rayos amarillos, los rayos rojos, los rayos anaranjados.

3.  As a group, we counted the rayos and divided them by color.

4. Then we did a math problem using the large numbers.  This enabled the kids to practice both their Spanish vocabulary and math skills.

5.  Then we did various TPR action pertaining to el sol y hace sol.  What type of things can you do when it is sunny and hot?

TPR examples:   nadar en el aqua, comer el helado, usar la crema protectora, llevar los lentes del sol, jugar volibol, hacer un picnic, etc.

Summer Spanish Camp and Classes for Kids

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Join Bilingual Fun for an exciting summer of Spanish learning opportunities!  This summer we will be offering our popular day camp with the theme of Under the Sea / Bajo del Mar!  Kids will have a blast learning about sea life and sand creatures on the beaches of Latin America, as they learn Spanish through music, movement, games, crafts, and more!

In addition to day camp, we are offering several different options for parent/child classes, as well as preschool and elementary drop off classes.  Keep the Spanish learning alive this summer with fun, educational and interactive Spanish classes!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page and Classes page  for more info!  To register, please contact


Spanish Summer Camp with Bilingual Fun

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Spanish Summer Camp 2014

¡Viva la música!

Bilingual Fun®


Children will be creating their own instruments and learning about music, rhythms, and cultural songs from various Spanish speaking countries.  We will make drums, maracas, guitars, and play them in our own band!  Traditional games and activities played at Fiestas will be enjoyed as well!  Parents join us at the end of the last day for a special presentation.


Join Bilingual Fun this summer for interactive and fun filled Spanishcamp!  Our Spanish summer camps provide an opportunity for children to practice and learn Spanish in a natural environment through music, movement, games, interactive lessons, crafts and more! Bilingual Fun offers Spanish classes and camps which are designed to introduce children to the language through cultural and  age appropriate immersion activities, through fun, play based activities.


Healthy snacks will be provided each day.  Campers are encouraged to bring their own water bottle.


Camp session will be divided into two age groups:

Preschool- K , and 1st– 5th grade


2 locations:

August 5, 6, 7

Farmington Hills- Orchard UMC


August 12, 13,14





9 am – 12 noon

Tuition: $80/child.  10 % sibiling discount



Please send us an email with the subject line Spanish camp.   Let us know which week you are interested in and how many kids you would like to register. We will send you an online payment link and instructions to pay via check.

 Space is limited, so please contact us today!  We look forward to seeing your kids at Spanish Summer Camp!  Gracias

Parent Survey- We want to hear from you!

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Bilingual Fun Feedback request


Hola amigos,

We are thrilled to have connected with hundreds of families in the Bilingual Fun program in the past several years.  We are always trying to keep things fresh, fun, and most of all effective!  As many of you are current and past Bilingual Fun participants, we would be grateful for your feedback and thoughts.  Please take a sec to fill out our survey below.  All answers will remain anonymous.  Of course if you have additional feedback or requests,  you know you may contact me directly at   We love teaching your children and interacting with your families!   Thank you for letting us be a part of your language learning experience.  Mil gracias por todo! 🙂

Click here to take survey

Bilingual Learning with Music and Movement

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

5 Monitos- 5 Little Monkeys


Kids of all ages love the song about the 5 little monkeys swinging the tree, teasing Mr. Alligator…. While teaching this song in Spanish, the kids are able to easily make connections with the movements they know from the English version, as they listen and participate with the Spanish version.     I use the musical version from Dr. Jean’s Ole, Ole, Ole Cd.  Here are the lyrics and movement suggestions for kids learning Spanish.  This is a fun activity to engage the bilingual development through music and movement!


5 monitos   ( hold up 5 fingers)

columpiándose en un árbol ( swinging motions with arms)

molestando al caiman (  teasing motions with hands next to ears)

no me puedes agarrar ( wag finger and shake head)

llegó el caiman muy calladito  ( slither arms slowly like an alligator)



al monito fuera del arbolito (  snap hands together like an alligator’s mouth).

Review the song and movements after singing.  Kids will easily be able to respond to the vocabulary and make connections with the movements!

Kids Learn Spanish at Home with Fun Resources

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Online Spanish Games and Apps for Kids


Real life interactions and exposure are important ways to keep your child’s language learning stimulated.  However, supplementing their exposure with various materials and resources are an integral part of their language development.     Kids learn Spanish through games and play based activities. Since many families are inside their homes this winter due to freezing temperatures, I thought I would share a few good sites to help children learn and practice Spanish from home or on the go with bilingual and Spanish apps.

One of our favorites is Oh Noah from PBS Kids. Great audio and simple for kids to follow along on their own.

Online Free Spanish is filled with great activities for kids learning Spanish

Great Bilingual and Spanish Apps
Gus on the Go

PicPocket Boods

Teach Body Parts in Spanish- Sr. Papa

Friday, September 20th, 2013


Children love Mr. Potato Head!  We use el Sr. Papa for many different activities when teaching the Bilingual Fun students the parts of the body.  It is a great way to make learning Spanish an interactive and fun activity.   Besides simply saying the words as you create ‘la cara” –  you can have kids get in partners or small groups and play  a dice game to encourage production and communication.


Kids will roll the dice and for each number, they will add the appropriate body part. They must be repeated in Spanish each time the part is chosen.  Here is a great printable to use for this activity from Play 2 Learn Printables.

Roll :

1- los pies

2- las orejas

3- los ojos

4. la nariz y la boca

5- la gorra

6- los brazos

Or you may do this activity using the actual Sr. Papa toy.  As an extension activity, have children decorate and draw their own Sr. Papa.  This is a great reinforcement as they can share their creations and describe in Spanish.

Spanish Camp Activities

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

The Bilingual Fun children had a great time at Spanish Camp this summer!   Each year we have a different thematic focus, and this summer the theme was Los Animales.     Each day was dedicated to a different category of animals, with Spanish being taught and practiced through communicative activities, hands on games, songs, crafts, outdoor games, and much more!   Here are a sampling of some of the activities that the children enjoyed while learning Spanish:

En la Selva:

Tigre, tigre, tigre, mono:  this is a version of Duck, Duck, Goose!  Fun and kinesthetic!

¿qué hora es elefante?:  just the like the original What time is it Mr. Fox?  Kids practice asking and telling the time. Also running and having fun!

Cinco Monitos:  this is such a fun song with easy movements.  Great TPR activity!

En el Mar:

Deep sea diving:  small water animal objects were scattered on the floor.  Then we shook a blue tarp and kids had to dive under water and pick out their fish.  Colors, numbers, and descriptions were reinforced.

Magnetic fishing:  kids practiced fishing for different colored fish  with numbers associated on each fish.

En la Granja:

Four Corners:  this traditional game is a favorite amongst the kids!  4 different farm animals are placed in the corners, then kids dance to the music, when the music stops they must chose a corner.  Animals are announced and kids in the specific animal corner must sit down.

Papa Caliente:  played just like Hot Potato but we passed around stuffed farm animals.  When the music stops,  animal vocabulary is practiced. ¿quién tiene el caballo?   ¿quién tiene el cerdo? etc.

En el Bosque:

El Salto de la Rana:   kids pretended to be ranitas and we practiced jumping.  Tape measures were used to measure each jump and the kids had to remember their number to share with the class.

Loteria:   animal bingo.  Kids had fun identifying and saying the animal words during the game.

Check out this short video with some highlights of the children having fun learning Spanish with Bilingual Fun!


El Correo- Teaching Mail and Post Office in Spanish

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Throughout our unit of Community, the Bilingual Fun kids have been learning about different professions and places.  Here is a fun, simple activity to teach kids about Post Office and Mail in Spanish.  Children learn Spanish best when they are actively participating, and this lesson allows kids to be creative and hands on. We easily adapt the lessons for toddlers- elementary age kids, having them do age appropriate tasks for this activity.

Materials needed:

Crayons or markers

Envelopes or paper cut to size.

Stickers to be used as stamps

Mail box ( shoe box or any other box you may have on hand).

Vocabulary taught:

el correo-  mail

el cartero/ la cartera-  mail carrier

el sobre- envelope

la estampilla- stamp

la carta- card

Mandar- to send

Recibir – to receive

Escribir- to write

La dirrección- address

El nombre- name

Simply, have children either write their name and address, or for little ones let them just write anything.  Have kids ask you for a stamp.  Then have children mail their letters.  Choose someone to be el cartero and take turns delivering the letters to different kids.  You can involve so many different communicative activities using the letters: ¿ de quién es?-  who is it from?  ¿de qué color es la estampilla?- what color is the stamp?  ¿cuántas cartas recibiste?-  how many letters did you receive.

Do the activity multiple times, so kids have the chance to write different things, choose different stamps, and be the mail carrier.

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